Management Studies

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)


B.B.A. I (120 seats Non-Grant Basis)


Paper I           Principles of management

Paper II          English and Business Communication

Paper III         Business Economics

Paper IV         Foundation Course in Organization Behaviour

Paper V          Financial and Cost Accounting

Paper VI         Computer Applications for Business

Paper VII        Business Organizations and Systems





Paper I           Principles of Marketing Mangement

Paper II          Human Resources Management

Paper III         Management Accounting and Financial Management

Paper IV         Business and Industrail Laws

Paper V          Statistical Methods for Business

Paper VI         Research Methodology

Paper VII        Environmental Management





Paper I            Entrepreneurship Development

Paper II           Production and Operatons Management

Paper III          Office Management

Paper IV          Business Ethics

Paper V           Elective I – Paper I

Paper VI          Elective I – Paper II

Paper VII         Project Work

Paper VIII        Elective Subjects : (Any One)

1)     Financial Management

2)     Marketing Management

3)     Human Resource Management

4)     Service Sector Management


Events & Activities